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Model  : 1971 XY Falcon GT Replica
Restored by : AN Racing

AN Racing has built up a reputation over the years for building some of the toughest engines in the industry but recently we have undertaken entire restoration project from start to finish. This removes all the headache and heart arch out of the entire process. We are capable of managing the project on time and within expected budget.

We were recently contacted by a muscle car enthusiast who demanded that he wanted us to build him the best car on this website. Given the quality of vehicles we decided to challenge ourselves and are quite keen to reset the benchmark by exceeding the customers expectation.

We set out to find a good donor car which after some exhaustive searching we believe we have located a suitable vehicle.

Some of our plans include;

• A full top to bottom body restoration in vermillion fire
• New black trim
• Wind back sunroof
• All GT appointments
• 410CI Boss power plant
• 871 Supercharger
• Billet rear end
• Billet 4 speed top loader
• Brand new suspension

The progress of this will move fast so keep checking for updates.

14th January 2007

Work begins on the restoration of this XY. The first thing was to strip the entire interior and then ship the car off to Dave Shaw for the installation of the sunroof. The installation date coincided with the Falcon GT Owners Club run to Palm Beach which meant we had to miss the run however we did manage to catch up with the lads at the meeting point at Thornleigh McDonalds.

Armed with Sash's pro-charged XY we left at 4pm and headed over to Dave’s workshop. Now Dave told me that he was going to put on a BBQ for the boys and we were expecting Coles super tasty snags, however when we rolled up he was cranking out some sensational gourmet stuff. Lobsters, prawns, fillet minion and some super cold Crown Largers to wash it down. This of course will be a hard act to follow so thanks for setting the bar Dave.

The installation of the sunroof was not too bad either. Thanks for a fantastic job Dave.

17th January 2007

All panels on the XY are now stripped. The chrome moulds have also been removed. We will now attack the engine bay and then send it off to get soda blasted.

23rd January 2007

The XY has now been soda blasted. This procedure ensures that the metal panels are not distorted. Traditional methods such as sand blasting, generates heat and often damages panels. Furthermore the accumulated sand is trapped in panels such as boot lids and is very hard to remove.

9th May 2007

Due to our hectic schedule it’s been some time since our last update, but we hope you feel its been worth it. There has been some progress on this beast which includes the following;

• Mini tubbing
• Rear chassis modification
• Seam welding and massaging of the engine bay lines
• Cross member modification to accommodate the new drive train
• Building the blown 410ci power plant
• Mocking up engine and transmission (G101 GForce)
• Preparing and measuring rear end for custom setup

The car is currently measured up for custom pipes and will then head to the chassis shop to install the ladder suspension and roll cage.