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Model  : 1971 XY Falcon GT Replica
Restored by : AN Racing

Searching for almost a year trying to find a rolling replica or genuine XY GT to drop an engine into we stumbled across a one-owner XY Fairmont. After looking at the vehicle for some time we decided that this would be the one to install all the GT accessories. The first thing that we did was to contact the customer and tell him the great news. His only reply was “I’m leaving it in your hands, if you say it’s a good car, I’ll run with that.” At that time we placed a deposit on the car and after it was purchased we drove it to the workshop.

We have some serious plans for this car which include;

• A new 393 Windsor 550hp engine
• Top loader gearbox
• 9 inch Detroit locker with 31 spline axles
• New bare metal respray
• Wind-back sunroof
• New interior
• New wheels and tyres
• New suspension
• New exhaust system
• GT parts original and reproduction

We also plan to turn this project around in approximately ten weeks. Considering the variables involved here, some people might think this is impossible or may even sound rushed by taking shortcuts, but let us reassure you that this is not so. We have been working on these cars for over fifteen years, and the task at hand can practically be done blindfolded!

To ensure all the restoration work is carried out to a high standard, we have a team of professional painters, panel-beaters, trimmers, machinists, and suppliers of new and reproduction parts to ensure the job is completed to our customer’s satisfaction. We have all the suppliers and know-how to get the job done right the first time.

Over the coming weeks we will be posting progress updates so stay tuned if you would like to walk through this rebuild with us.

20 September 2005

The XY is coming along nicely. Check out some of the photos we have taken. When it comes out of the panel shop we expect some rapid progress so stay tuned for more updates.


29 September 2005

Arthur’s XY returns from the Panel Shop. It's now time to bolt it together. Just check out some of these progress pics.

1 October 2005

The new engine has found its home.

13th October 2005

With the new white interior now fitted the XY is off to the exhaust shop.

30th October 2005

With only the final touches now required, Arthur’s car will hit the streets shortly.

31st October 2005

The XY is now fully completed. Click here to see the finished product.