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Date : 19th February 2006
Destination : WSID Track Day

Well another WSID track day for the Ford Falcon GT club came around very fast. This time we decided to take Arthur’s XY and see what it can run on slicks. A few of the boys had plenty of preparation ranging from engine rebuilds, driveline modifications, tyre changes and even installing a shift light to try and beat their previous efforts.

The day turned out to be a ripper with the weather passing the 30 mark. I dare say that track temps would be nudging over 40, so the drive line components were expected to suffer.

There was the usual scrutineering and drivers briefing. Once that was finished engines were fired up ready to go. “The Fox” was present and psyched. Also itching to get his new 393 clevo stroker. He was also training so hard that I almost did not recognise him. The significant weight reduction would also be good for a tenth. I would expect Fox to be in on the next outing.

Sash jumped in Arthur’s car for the first 4 runs. We saw problems like clutch slipping, gears popping out and a best time of 12.12@116mph. The fifth pass Arthur jumped in and we saw an immediate improvement. With his first outing on the track Arthur managed a 11.87@116mph. The boys were rapt to see the car dip in the 11s and Arthur instantly caught the bug. Now he started to drive like he was in pro stock and we saw a best of 11.71@117mph. On the tenth run the clutch just cried and the car started to surge in top gear. This was evident by the significant decrease of MPH. Still the car managed twelve runs.

It was apparent that some of the other guys were having a ball. Geoff D drove the wheels of his XT and Phaser and he looked like he had a ball. Blocker was running consistent 11.60’s all day, however managed to crack an 11.5. Also some very tough cars running in the low 11s, however it would appear that everyone was off their best times. It was also good to see XT Steve firing up the BBQ who looked in his element. Also XT Steve was expected to hand out Ian Luff vouchers at the end of the day. Pure GT had taken some great snaps and GT was on fire. I dare say his missus would not be happy doing his washing tonight. At approx 1pm we decided to pack up and go. Another great event was organised.

Remember Ian Luff is ready to take your call. Enjoy the pics and catch you next time.

Paul S