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Date : 10th April 2005
Destination : WSID Track Day

Well the long awaited day finally arrived. Garrett, Blocker, Fox, Sash and myself were psyched and pumped to take our Falcon GT’s down the ¼ mile and racing one another without having to worry about cops.

The drive to the track was memorable with at least half a dozen people looking at the GT and giving me the thumbs up. I arrived fairly late. I saw Sash and crew where they told me to head to scrutineering. The WSID scrutineer gave my car the once over then gave me the nod. The cars were then lined up ready to go. The weather was fine with track temperatures estimated over 30 degrees.

After a short driver / pit crew briefing the racing began. First off I went heads up Sash. I knew that it was going to be a massive task to keep up with him as he has more drag racing seat time.

Sash and I decided to challenge ourselves and our cars by running on street tyres. Sash smoked me on the first run as I bogged the car with not enough rev’s then wheel spinning in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears.

I had 3 passes and the best run was a 12.6@114MPH on real street rubber, top loader and 3.7 gears. The 3.7 gears also seemed to affect my MPH as the car was crossing the line at approximately 6000RPM however the drive to the track was much more pleasant than the 4.11’s that I was previously running. I was contemplating running the 4.11’s at the track however I decided to change my axels to 31 spines to avoid any incidents.

Sash’s performance was absolutely outstanding. He ran an amazing 11.7@120MPH on real street rubber, top loader and 3.7 gears to prove that he is the king of drag racing.

Also an outstanding effort from Blocker. He managed to run a very stout 11.6@116MPH with his awesome Windsor. Garrett said that after one of Blocker’s passes he told him that he ran a 12.5 when he actually ran an 11.6. The look on Blocker’s face was priceless and it’s a pity no one was there to catch his expression on camera.

Fox seemed to have problems with his beast with the car not running its usual low 12 second passes. I am sure that “The Fox” will be on the job getting the car sorted. This still did not stop John from doing massive burnouts and again was a crowd favourite. John is a true champion.

Dave Shaw was miles off his 11 second prediction. I was trying to convince Dave all day that he needed gears and with 3.0’s he had no chance. Seems like he has made it his mission to prove us wrong. I am sure that Blocker will be waiting in anticipation on this one.

With only 3 passes Nick and I spent almost 3 hours cleaning the rubber build up on the GT. This was an awesome event and I look forward to the next one.

Paul S.

PS. Fox switched to racing fuel without re-jetting the carby. This caused his car to run lean. I am pleased to report no damage to the engine was done.

Driver Car Best ET
Paul S Falcon GT XW 12.6@114MPH
Sash Falcon GT XY 11.7@120MPH
Blocker Falcon GT XT 11.6@116MPH
Steve Falcon GT XT 13.5@102MPH
George GT Falcon GT XA 12.6@114MPH
Rob Macedon Falcon GT XW 13.9@100MPH
Stefan Falcon GT XY 14.1@99MPH
Fox Falcon GT XW 12.9@107MPH
Dave Shaw Falcon XY 13.1@107MPH
Harry Ioakim Falcon XY 11.0@121MPH
Tony Belchevski Falcon XY 11.1@121MPH

Click here for video footage