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Model  : 1962 150cc Vespa
Owner : Paul Spyrou
Vespa 1962 VNB3T

After completing the GT build I looked for a project. I always liked motorcycles however my wife opposed them. So I decided to look for an old Vespa scooter. Many people asked why I would ever want one. I find it enjoyable and easy to ride. I came across this 1962 150cc Vespa which was in reasonable condition. My brother in law Nick and I checked it out and soon after purchased it.

Nick rode the scooter home and we started to strip it to the point that every nut and bolt was removed. Nick hand rubbed the scooter down and applied 3 coats of 2 Pak PPG. We found it hard to find the original colour so we used Porsche Fish Blue Metallic. Two coats of clear were then applied finishing off the paint.

Then the fun of putting it all together began. Slowly we collected and cleaned up all the bits and carefully fitted them back to the scooter.

The engine received a general service and tune and the finishing touches to the Vespa was to fit new white wall tyres.


The scooter was then registered and is now enjoyed on weekends.