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Date : 2nd - 9th November 2005
Destination : SEMA Las Vegas

On the 2nd of November the day had come where plans of Las Vegas and the Specialty Equipment and Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show arrived with much anticipation. The attendees for this event were Sash from AN Racing, Nick from Wolfpac, Jimmy from DART Automotive, machinist and fabricator Charlie Grima and electronics guru Chris. All attendees had one thing in mind which was to view the latest and greatest in automotive products.

After a long 14 hour journey we arrived at the MGM Grand Hotel which was home for 7 days. With over 5000 rooms this place was massive to say the least. Landing in Vegas is awesome in itself as miles of desert reveals a shiny city of magic. The next day we woke up and then enjoyed a buffet breakfast then jumped in a mini van and headed to the convention centre. After flashing our id’s for the show we entered to see a mind boggling display as far as the eye could see of EVERYTHING to do with automotive.

American muscle, hotrods and Euro exotics as well as custom motorcycles were on display to the max. Also I must add to excite consumers and retailers there was the hottest women.

AN Racing and the DART boys were elbow deep talking product and sharing information pertaining to future products. I managed to hook up with several paint and detailing distributors, and I will be using these new products on the Wolfpac rides to make them look a cut above the rest. From my perspective this is really exciting.

The aftermarket scene accounts for 29 billion dollars annually in the US alone. Outside there was people lining up for a thrash session on a coned circuit in Lotus Elises’ been chased by turbo charged Ford Crown Victoria police car. Rubber burning and thrashing was present as well as quality drifting thrown in for good measure. The circuit was providing non stop action for 5 days.

TV personalities and music stars had donated their own personal rides to display. TV shows such as “RIDES” and “PIMP MY RIDE” were also there in force side by side with magazine publications such as Hotrod and Lowrider magazines all vying for attention in the outdoor car parks. Semi trailers, monster trucks, desert buggies quads and power boats were also on display throughout the show.

The boys also had good fortune at some of the gaming establishments with blackjack and roulette and were happy to walk away ahead. Food was excellent in the primo restaurants but 3 litre cokes and grease ball burgers were also available if you wanted to block some arteries. The latest clothing apparel was also on offer.

Roller coasters, magic shows, bands, comedians, hot cars and the best looking women were everywhere and constantly on our agenda. It was truly a spectacular event for which Las Vegas is known for. On the streets Monster Trucks, Hummers and SUV’s were huge and most were competing for attention. One of the standout vehicles was the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee with Daisy behind the wheel and some awesome Plymoth Cudas with 426 Hemi power plants. Joe Rogans Plymoth Cuda that was fully restored by Rad Rides by Troy was also featured as was the 69 Salt Flats Cuda with the 1300hp 183cc twin turbo beast.

We accomplished our goal of researching the latest product lines and accumulating information that can benefit our client base. The gang will return in 2006, which promises to be bigger, badder and more unbelievable. Please enjoy some of our photos and remember as the yanks say “Bigger is always better”.

What happens in VEGAS stays in VEGAS.