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Model  : 1975 LH Torana SLR
Owner : Sash Ninovic

I never thought I would see the day when AN Racing traded the Superoo for the Lion. A partially restored LH SLR Torana caught his eye at a workshop and Sash instantly negotiated with the owner.

The next day the car was delivered and the program of rebuilding the vehicle began. The engine that was in the car was a stock standard late model 304. Sash proceeded to build a 336 cubic inch stroker which by todays standards is considered an old school combination. Engine specs are as follows. Small journal chevy rods, chevy flat top pistons which equates to 10:5 compression, solid camshaft with a crow grind. The car is running street ported EFI heads, crane valve springs and a set of Yella Terra shaft rockers. A single plane Harrop manifold and a Holley 750 double pumper carburettor sits up top.

Hanging off the back of the engine is a Yella Terra steel flywheel and a Hays Street and Strip clutch bolted to a Ford Top Loader gearbox. Shifting duties are done via a Hurst Indy shifter with an AN Racing conversion kit. This places the shifter in the drivers hand as intended. A tough as nails 9 inch diff with 31 spine axles and 4.11 mini spool resides out back.


Sash predicts that this vehicle should run somewhere close to the 11.30 ET mark at approximately 118MPH. The car drives nice and tight with plenty of power on tap.

Sash assures me that the vehicle will be sold so if you are interested in buying a turn key street/strip car please contact him at AN Racing.