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Date : 3rd April 2005
Destination : Warragamba Dam

After working on the XT all day Saturday I needed some relaxation on Sunday. I was told by Sash that there was a muscle car cruise on Sunday with some big engines and heavy hitters. With the diff out of the XW, it was not going to make this one.

When I arrived at Sash’s place he was adjusting roller rockers on Harry’s tuff Windsor. The car was getting prepared for next Sunday’s WSID meeting. Time passed by quickly so we quickly washed the Falcon GT and headed down the M5 to the meeting point. We arrived in good time and as soon as we turned into the Mobile servo we saw Blocker’s and Steve’s XT’s. We parked behind Blocker and got out to have a chat to the boys (Steve, Blocker and Garrett).

Blocker’s new Polar White XT GT was finished and it looked awesome. Complete with the tuff little 302 Windsor and a new C4 transmission. Further down was an awesome looking 66 Mustang with a blower. A Plymouth barracuda 440 was also present as were a few tough looking Fords, Commodores and Torrana’s.

After some instructions on route to destination, engines started and a massive rumble was heard for miles. The service station attendant would of freaked out as some could not resist the urge to spin their wheels and a Ford doing helicopters in the servo. One person was bored waiting for the traffic lights so he decided to do a brake job. At this stage we were 2 minutes into the run and I new it was not going to be like our average club runs.

The roads to Warragamba were ordinary to say the least with even the most experienced drivers tested. Sash pulled out and overtook 3 cars. The shift from 2nd to 3rd gear sent the road champs spinning. Seeing the Falcon sideways in 3rd gear at approximately 140kms was scary and exiting at the same time.

We arrived at Warragamba and parked the cars. Plenty of rev talking and plenty of people seen snapping photos. The trip home was just as fun. Some moron in a 4WD almost running head on into us because he was not looking where he was going. Also some P plater in a Nissan rice burner wanted to have a go. When the lights turned green it was on. The rice burner took off but Sash seemed to be on the job. The Falcon spun past the rice burner in 1st, 2nd and 3rd cogs. By the time top was selected he was left well behind. At the next set of lights this guys jaws had dropped. He advised us that he had previously disposed of a Falcon GT and wanted to know what was in this one. Even with a large whistle coming out of his bonnet and his 3 inch tail pipe he maintained that his car was stock standard. He obviously did not know who he was dealing with. He was kind enough to give us the thumbs up and continued on his merry way.

Till next time safe driving Paul S.