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Date : 27th February 2005
Destination : Mystery Run?

Waking up this morning I looked out the window to a grim overcast day. I drove over to my brother-in-laws house and put the kettle on. We decided to toss a coin to see if we should partake in the mystery run. Tails landed and we jumped into the mighty pulsar as the heavens looked like opening up at any time.

We pulled into the shell servo for some fuel where we saw Rob and Tim gassing the EB GT. We headed to the first meeting point at Heathcote Railway station. In attendance was a couple of XA GT sedans, a couple of BA Falcon GT’s, a tuff looking XB GT with the biggest bags out back that I’ve ever seen on any coupe (295 x 65 x 15). A roar of thunder was heard as 2 XY’s and 2 XW’s entered the car park.

After a quick briefing from Geoff we headed south down the freeway. A citric acid BA GT and black BA GT seemed to have a few squirts around some of the twisty bends which looked to be fun. Next meeting point was Albion Park to meet up with some more cars. So we headed further south to which the final mystery destination was now public knowledge.

Green Point was the location which was a lovely small town with friendly locals. As soon as they heard the roar of the V8’s they came flocking down eager to check out the cars.

Fish n chips was a local special and I have to admit they tasted as good as they said “FRESH”. Saw some kids splashing around the water whilst other kids played in the playground. Adults lounged around talking and having a great time.

My niece Julia gave Geoff a rundown on GT colours and models and she also snapped some nice pics. At 1:30pm it was time to head back home. A uneventful drive home put me to sleep for most of the way back. GT Falcon equals good therapy.

Till next time great revvvvvvvving Nick (See ya in Ballarat).