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Date : 20th February 2005
Destination : All Ford Day (Geelong)

Up until now the only good thing about work related travel was the frequent flyer points. This time when my boss told me to go to Melbourne I was eager to go. It was not the weather that I was so keen on going it was the fact that “All Ford Day” was on that week.

So on Sunday morning I got up at the crack of dawn with my uncle and my cousin. I looked outside and saw an overcast sky so I prayed for no rain. We headed off to Geelong. First stop was Macca’s drive through for quick breakfast then onto the freeway down to Geelong. We saw numerous Fords driving in the same direction so getting lost was unlikely.

Once we arrived I saw an oval full of Fords which can only be described as heaven. I started from one end of the oval and looking as what I would say some fantastic examples ranging from Fairlane, Falcon GT & GS, AC Cobra and more.

Straight off the bat I saw an immaculate 2 door Ford Fairlane. This car was recently restored and I would love to have that in my collection. It was a beautiful car and a great cruiser.

One particular car that caught my attention was a yellow fire Falcon XA GT. This car was recently restored and the owner deserves a pat on the back because this was one of the best XA GT’s I’ve seen. The car has some nice options such as power windows, air and steer. Another car that was of equal quality was a wild violet XA GT with white trim. A rare electric blue XW GT and a cosmic blue XA GT also caught my attention and these 2 cars were immaculate. I have to admit blue GT’s look the goods when polished up. All GT models were represented and some real quality cars were around. The GT Nationals in March is going to be unreal.

I also saw one of the best collection of XY GS’s and a particular gold one looked the goods. Towards the end I had a look at some AC Cobra’s and I saw one that looked like a weapon. Check the photos and you’ll know what I mean.

My uncle said to me that back in the 70’s and 80’s he had traded plenty of these Fords for hundreds of dollars. I dare say that some of these could have been GT’s with at least one confirmed through photos. When I told him how much some of these Fords were fetching he almost fell over.

All in all it was a fantastic day and I was glad I was able to attend. Special thanks goes to my uncle George and cousin Tolly for putting me up and taking me to the show.