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Date : 13th February 2005
Destination : Picton

Today Sunday 13th February 2005 the destination was Picton Hotel. The main idea of the run was for the guys with families to be able to bring the wife and kids along to a suitable environment. Also allowing the dust and cobwebs to be blown out of the cars. As well as for some of the guys going to the April meet to get a chance to meet and greet.

Meeting place was the usual Roseland’s carpark 9am, with the early overcast sky numbers were always going to be down, a few had other family commitments and for Paul it was not meant to be with a neighbor parking him in (the XW was washed, polished and ready to go)……however this still did not stop him from attending with his daughter Julia (becoming well known as the GT verification officer). Glad he was along as the usual run photographer never showed!!!!! Sundeep where are you?

There was a fair turnout at Roseland’s, with Fox in attendance with his daughter. Hopefully one day he will not be working and we will see him in the Silver fox.

Short time later cars started to arrive, John in the ED Sprint, Manual and Adam in the XBGT (again this car has one of the smallest combinations and he was punishing it all day…..we are still waiting the outcome, we are pretty sure it is either a broken valve spring or a bent push rod), Rip in the XYGT and Steve and Rob in the XTGT and Stefan and Charley in the bronze wine XYGT, and Rob and Tim in the VNGroupA.

So at least half the usual suspects were in attendance, no sign of Sash?? Still missing in action, maybe next run.

We waited a while and kicked off to the second meeting place Uncle Leo’s about 9.30am.

As expected a few of the new runners had to ruffle its feathers with Rip….2 squirts later and one ED Sprint stood corrected. It was also the first mechanical failure loosing a blower belt rib.

A few ventured into Uncle Leos for fuel and the others…who were not there, while the others waited at the Campbelltown exit on the freeway. I was like many just prior to stopping on the hwy to wait for the Uncle Leo crew I was surprised to see a MEAN sight on the side of the road. This was a car well known on the show circuit a genuine XC Cobra dressed in MOFFAT race livery, right down to sticker’s numbers and roll cage. I was stoked like the others when we stopped and met the current owner Chester who informed us it was along for the run. Good honest guy who gave the previous owner credit for the build and replica job. VERY IMPRESSIVE.
The rest soon joined on and it was a short run on the freeway to the Razorback exit. It was a spirited run through Razorback with the XT showing its true form and colours leaving the rest to play catch-up.

Once at Picton Hotel cars were parked bonnets were popped and beers started to flow. A short time later we saw arrival of Peter, Simone, Alexander, John and Sam in their beautiful black XWGS. Right behind were Glen and Dave in the ELGT.

MORE FOOD MORE BEER MORE CAR TALK saw the arrival of Andrew in the XBGS coupe. Again this called for bonnets up and more talk. With the gathering of such impressive MUSCLECARS it encouraged some of the locals to make an impression. As usual the Fords done well leaving a clown in a Holden trying hard to do a burnout on the brake….IDIOT, but he did provide some light entertainment.

Time flew and it was time to leave, THAT reminds me must call the publican and tell him to remove the slippery substance of the road as it make for some interesting departures.

It was decided the route home would be again through Razorback, the XT who had been up the rear was soon showing the way home. Andrew and Rip fluttered the feathers. After some very disappointing runs the last one left a MASSIVE smile on Andrews face…..this car will be something to look at it after sorting of its teething problems.

Rip had dramas with the shifter in his car, and as I know Rip he would have already contacted Sash or will online searching for a solution to it shifting problems.

At the end it was another GREAT day with what is really showing signs of being a TOP group of guys and girls to go cruising with.

Till next time safe and trouble free cruising Garrett.