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Date : 26th January 2005
Destination : Stanwell Park

It all started with a quick phone call from George (who’s car was later described on the cruise by another car driver as "Predator" due to the fact that his Jewel Green XAGT was blending in with the background in the National Park. I like to think he deserved this name as it was the only big hitter having a go)…"Do you want to come on a cruise through the National Park, stopping at Stanwell Park, a few of us are meeting at Tempe at 12?"

I agreed and after a few calls tried to muster a few more numbers. Some could not make it due to being on club plates and short notice; others had family or work commitments.

So it was off to meet George at his brother in-laws Paul’s place. Could not miss it really with the "Predator" out the front, parked behind it was a very neat VW. In my opinion the car and driver Paul deserved the car of the run award (also the lowest car on the road looking like it was vacuuming up the roadway as it drove). Paul had the least power but was nearly always at the front of the pack and if not there, he was definitely close in the rear view mirror.

Anyway meeting place was McDonalds Tempe. We were the first to arrive and found a place in the carpark to allow for our expected guest’s. While in Maccas partaking in their healthy cuisine a few other cars arrived.

These cars included the awaited arrival of a fresh transplanted stroked clevo with alloy heads Yellow XBGS. A ED XR8 HO Sprint sporting a big front mounted intercooler and lopey sounding dual exhaust note, a VERY nice Apollo Blue XBGT. A new green XR6 last and definitely not least was PaulS in his Pulsar (the XWGT had to stay at home due to club plate restrictions).

Of course bonnets were popped and the conversation of HORSEPOWER began, few blokes started early on the small brown bottles marked VB.

A little more chatting and we were off. Traffic was fairly heavy so it was a slow run to the first stop Shell servo at Sutherland. Bit more HORSEPOWER talk and top up in refreshments and we were off.

Leaving the servo it was time to fluff the feathers, George was 3rd car to leave the driveway. Lets just say the exit was loud enough to cause the prior cars to pull over in the gutter lane allowing him to fight the three lanes that wanted to have the ‘Predator’.

OF COURSE this caused the XBGS and the HO Sprint to follow suit. Unfortunately I cannot describe their efforts as I was in the "Predator".

A short burst on the little expressway and we were into the National Park. It was a battle of the fittest with the big Fords fighting the twisting blacktop.

Most memorable part of this trip would have been a the look on a certain L plate drivers face...who at the time was doing at least 30kmh under the posted speed limit on one of the only straight in the park. George made a special effort to select second and send the revs skyward on the clevo as to pass this guy. We later heard that after a few other cars passed he had resigned to pulling up on the shoulder.

We stopped at Stanwell Top, more Horsepower talk and refreshments. After some time and a suggestion from PaulS it was agreed to stop for a hamburger at Stanwell Park.
Stanwell Park, a feed, refreshments and more talk it was time to leave.

It was decided the Hwy was the way to go home. Must admit both George and myself missed the presence of the "usual suspects*".

It was a fairly quiet trip home, except for the GREAT efforts of the XBGT driver who was having an absolute ball in his new ride…good on him.

George, PaulS and I cannot wait for April at WSID as I am SURE that there will be a few surprised drivers at this event…..let the games begin.

Special note: Some lucky guy is going to marry a very cute little lady (PaulS daughter) who is VERY up on the facts of all things GT. Dare say the only arguments in that household will be on the colour choice of the GT …..the actual purchase will never be a debate.

* usual suspects = Steve (Zircon XTGT), Sash (Vermillion XYGT), Rip (Vermillion XYGT)