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Date : 29th June 2008
Destination : WSID Track Day

After cancellation due to bad weather on the first attempt the Falcon GT Owners Club of NSW WSID drag day finally arrived. I woke up at the crack of dawn fired up the XT and headed off to pick up Kev. We cruised down to Detroitís where Adam and Nick were waiting with the kettle on.

Some of the boys like Andreas and Tony started rolling in. Before we knew it a massive contingent arrived with 1970ís muscle parked in Argyle St. We fired up the engines and hit the road. Through the M5 then onto the M7 and off to Western Sydney. Our final destination.

We drove through the pits for the mandatory inspections and weighed the cars. This topic had been hot on the forums with all sorts of figured thrown around but the mighty XT came in at 1505 with driver. New 205 Bridgestones were bolted on for this event.

Finally we were let loose on the track. From the first instance the XT had troubles shifting that 2nd cog. Under any kind of load it refused to go in. After a series of 13 second passes the time came up to line up Jeff Bís Clevo and in this instance I decided to granny shift to second gear. The gear finally selected and the XT was off for that 12 second pass. I achieved the goal for the day which was to run a 12 second pass. So the best for the XT was a 12.9@108.9 on steet tyres.

At the lunch break I attempted to bleed the clutch and a big thanks to Pete03 for lending me some brake fluid. Pete is truly a gentleman. Unfortunately this coarse of action was in vain.

Funniest moment of the day was hearing that Andreas broke his seat during a run and ended up in the back seat. Andrew if you have any in car footage of this I would love to see it.

Congrats also goes to Nutic for a best of 14.6@97mph after removing the aircleaner. The XA is now on par with Angís phase 3. Top effort brother.

Some of the other times were Adam P XB went 11.56@124mph, Andreas ran a best of 11.6@123mph with 2nd gear top loader issues. Tony K with the true blue XW ran a 10.9@124mph, also first time out.

Good to see Garrett flogging the XT all day without any major dramas.

A big thanks to Sash from AN Racing. The AN bullet performed flawlessly. I did say that I will retire the car from the track, but once the box is sorted I might be tempted to go out 1 more time to run the numbers that I know are capable. Also thanks goes out to Andreas who fed the boys with the Greek souvlaki BBQ. Unreal.

And finally a big thanks goes out to Geoff Day. This event would not have happened without his efforts.