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Date : 16th January 2005
Destination : Palm Beach

At 7am this morning my daughter Julia woke me up saying that it was time to get ready for the cruise. So up I got, scoffed some breakfast and into the garage we went. We started the GT warmed it up and off we headed to the first meeting point.

We arrived at Roselands car park and I realised that we were the last to arrive. We parked the GT at the rear and got out for a quick chat. First to greet us was the “Fox”. As I walked down I saw Rob (Ex Pres) who arrived in a newly purchased Brock Commodore. I have never seen him so relaxed. Rips magnificent Vermillion Fire XY GT was there with the new combo. After a quick chat with all the boys we decided to head off to the second meeting point at Thornleigh McDonalds.

Cruising along at legal speed limits of course I needed some fuel so we pulled into the Shell servo on Roberts Rd. Pumped $50 of optimax and off we headed.

Soon after I noticed a certain Vermillion Fire XY baking the Road Champs with ease. Rob seemed to give the Brock a bit of stick as well. The day was very hot and all of the GT’s did not miss a beat. I looked at my temperature gauge and it was hovering around 140.

We arrived at the second meeting point at Thornleigh McDonalds and met up with the FGTOCNSW. Plenty of nice cars on display. After a drivers briefing by Geoff we headed off to Palm Beach. I noticed a vast variety of tuff cars and a certain jewel green XA looked and sounded the goods.

We arrived at Palm Beach and we parked the cars. I saw Spiro walking towards me. He left his HO’s at home and brought along a white LJ Torana. We hung around for a few hours and my 8 year old daughter Julia was having heaps of fun snapping away with the digital camera.

It was time to leave. Sash, Rip and I started the 3 red GT’s and we headed home. It was a nice and leisurely cruise back home and a top day out.