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Date : 31st May 2009
Destination : All Ford Day

All Ford Day 2009

Well there hasn’t been too many updates on Wolfpac recently and I have had an overwhelming response from past sponsors and fans (yes that means you Peter MR Red Pepper) to get the site back so here we go.

I woke up at the crack of dawn, got ready and jumped in the Nissan Pulsar Reebok and no Disco I don’t have the matching shoes, but please let me know if they ever come up on ebay. First stop was to pick up big Manual. Weighing in at a massive 130kg the poor Pulsar felt the extra strain. We headed off to Sash’s workshop where we were greeted by Sash. In the background was the 711rwhp AN Racing XY monster idling away.

In the pissing rain we headed off to Eastern Creek this years host for All Ford Day. We cruised along the M5 and M7. With and small hydro roller and 8.5.1 comp the XY putted along to our destination. We headed in the entry and we were greeted by an official. A quick chat and be proceeded through and stopped by the next official. He sent us through and met up with a third official. We proceeded once more and got stopped by a fourth official, now this place was harder to get around than when president George Bush was last here. Driving along the concourse section we spotted Jeff B wiping and polishing his XAGT. Not impressed that all his hard work preparing the car during the week had to be redone.

We finally reached our destination and met Roy from Street Fords in the Street Fords garage. Sash parked the XY. This section was setup with Sash’s XY, Roy’s XW and George’s BA (recent blood sweat and gears contestant).

I immediately headed off to the back section. At this point the weather was clearing up. I walked down towards “The GT Club Inc” section and saw the usual professional display of muscle cars. The first to catch my attention was Deano newly acquired magnificent Yellow Fire XAGT. What a beauty. If Deano sells this one I will kill him (unless its to me). Caught up with all the boys Tim S, Tim M, Rob K, Disco, Rob M and Toby. Some of the boys were busy chating to “The Thugets".

Tim S XWGT along side Lou’s XWGT looked the goods. Also I saw one of the best South African examples that I have ever seen. Diamond blue and a real gem of a car. If anyone is interested I believe the car is for sale.

Due to the clearing weather a few stragglers drove in. The “Big Unit” Billy, MR Red Pepper and MR351. The boys parked and prepared their cars and then sat down to relax and enjoy the event.

I walked though the Mustang section and saw a few nice Boss 302 examples. Definitely my choice if I was ever to own a mustang. Through to the “Falcon GT Owners Club Inc” section where I met Con A in front of his plum XA. What a beast. Sporting a new donk this baby not only looks the part but looks like it can move. I was really impressed with Ron F’s XTGT. One of the best examples I have seen. Really caught my attention this one. Had a good chat and found him to be a real down to earth guy. Checked out Billet's XB couple which also looked fanstastic, a real credit to him. I bumped into Scotty and we chewed the fat. Angelo, Tom and Gerry rolled through for a quick sticky as well.

Big Manual and I ended up at the Street Fords garage where we hung around taking to people about the upcoming trip to Perth in the AN Racing XY. This is going to be one hell of a road trip and the plan is that Wolfpac will bring you updates along the way. Best thing is that the Starlight Foundation will be receiving a good chunk of money.

Irrespective of the dodgy weather this was still a top day. Perhaps next year with finer weather this event will be better than ever.

Here are a few pics of the day so enjoy….

Paul S