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Date : 16th September 2007
Destination : Berrima

After missing out on last years Berrimma run, this year I was hanging to go. Unfortunately I also had a wedding on the same day but that wasn’t going to stop me. The plan was to meet up with the boys at Shell Kinsgrove then head over to the meeting point at uncle leos.

We arrived at uncle leos and we saw a vast selection of vehicles, ranging from chargers, valliants and commodores. After all this was a CAVOA organized run.

The cruise down to Berrima was great. The pace set at the front was quick. We arrived at approx 11:00am. A quick chat to the fella’s and off we went. Kev and were back at 1.30pm which gave us plenty of time to get ready.

A big thanks to Kev for taking these pics. A big improvement to what I normally take.

Take Care
Paul S