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Date : 23rd September 2007
Destination : Wisemans Ferry

With perfect spring weather, I met Tom and Con at Shell Kingsgrove at 8:15am this morning. I topped up the tank with PULP and we headed off to Thornleign Maccas where we met up with the Falcon GT Owners Club members.

Maps and directions were handed out then we headed off down the F3. We took the “Peats Ridge” exit and pulled over to wait for the rest. Once everyone got together we proceeded with some spirited driving through the twisty roads. Leading the way was Scott in the RPO who was hammering through the bends. Rex in his BA was in close proximity and was negotiating the bends like a pro. I followed Rex and behind me was Chris in his Windsor powered Silver Fox XW.

To get over to Wisemans Ferry we needed a Ferry ride over. The boat picked up all the GT’s in one go. Once we were ferried over we were greeted by the other members who decided to take a more direct route.

Once we had a quick bite and drink we had a good laugh and decided to head off. The nearby area rumbled as the GT’s roared up though Old Northern Road.

I for one was extremely glad I did this run and would have to call it as one of the best I have ever been on. Thanks to the runs committee for organizing an awesome run.

Paul S