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Date : 20th August 2006
Destination : Tomago Car Show

This morning turned out to be a little chilly. Normally, sun is the greatest thing but I know the Fords will thrive on the highway with the cool wind keeping us cool. I arrived early at AN Racing headquarters to brew up some coffee and wait for Adam to appear in his tough XB falcon GT. Also in the pack today was my XA, Sash’s XY, and latest addition Bob Evans in his impeccable phase 1 XWGT.

The time had come for us to hit the highway with Sash in the lead for the Tomago car show. This was a charity event with all proceeds going to Camp Quality. Anything for young children I say, and the boys all agreed. After swapping positions at full steam for close to 1 hour, we settled in a single file on the freeway enjoying the scenery and waving to holiday makers as they passed us by.

It was interesting to see a certain vermillion fire GT scorching the tarmac at well over 100 kph with ease, rear end wagging and two black stripes appearing from the rears as if by magic. Then again 695rwhp will do that I guess…truly awesome to see.

The show had an awesome turnout ranging from mad max replicas to Harley Davidsons, race car replicas and just plain old immaculate street cars. Got talking to an old fella who possessed a beautiful SLR-5000 Torana in its brand new state. Well looked after she was with low miles. I asked if he would sell-he replied “NO WAY…I’ll die with this car…”

We started up the machines and hit the highway home at about 2.30, leaving the venue with thunder escaping our tailpipes. Interesting I say that as one of mine fell off on the highway in the morning. I have since replaced the whole system with a nice x-pipe set-up which has me eager to ride the freeway once more.

Truly an enjoyable day by all. Most accolades were presented to a fella – whos HK Monaro graces this months Street Machine magazine cover. A beautiful car, that truly deserved the appraise it received on the day. My personal choice was the old fella in his Absinth yellow SLR-5000.

Can’t wait for the next one. Its good to get em on the highway as much as possible. We’ll keep you posted on the next events.

Enjoy the photos….cheers Nick.