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Date : 17th September 2006
Destination : FGTOCNSW Club Concourse

This years FGTOCNSW Club Concourse was going to be held at the Allan Rickie Ford dealership at Bowral, which is one of my favourite runs. As expected the early start was going to kill me. We met Angelo and Tom at the Shell servo in Kingsgrove who were waiting for us with Angelo's Phase 3 and Zircon XT. A quick 50 bucks worth of Shell optimax and off we went on the M5 heading towards Uncle Leo’s to meet more club members.

Once we arrived at Uncle Leo’s I received a call from Garrett who advised me that my petrol cap in the XT was missing. I quickly got on to the fellow at the Shell servo who had found it and put it aside for me. A quick shot of caffeine to kick start the brain and off we headed south to Bowral. The pace set at the front was quick with George in the XAGT aka “the predator” leading the way.

The mighty XT shaped up to “the predator” and was expected to get blown away. Once we jumped on the gas the XT pulled away, however I glanced at the rear vision mirror only to see smoke from the rear of “the predator”. I pulled over and rang Garrett asking what the go was and I was told that the XA had thrown a rod out. I ran up to see what the commotion was and was met by Sundeep and Billet who smiled at me and instantly dubbed the XT as the “Clevo Killer”. After looking underneath the XA I saw a pool of oil so it did not look good for George. A tow truck was organised and Garrett jumped in the Phase 3 with Angelo and we continued down the freeway.

We arrived at Bowral only to find another stranded XWGT. We pulled over and offered assistance to the owner. We tried to kick the thing over only to find that it did not want to play ball. It looked like the standard issue distributor was not producing enough spark.

The convoy then rumbled into the Ford dealership where we found a reasonable selection of Falcon GTs already on display. All vehicles lined up in model formation and were waxed, polished and detailed for the day. A sausage sizzle was also setup so we did not go hungry. Also on display was Garrett’s superoo. Garrett advised us that even though the eyeballs and teeth had faded, it was still in the “immaculate unrestored” category. He also assured me that it would never ever go in for any paint touch ups.

Just after the formalities and trophy presentation the weather looked menacing so we decided to head back home. Once again the club put on a fantastic display and congratulations to all the winners.

Until next time happy motoring.

Paul S