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Date : 6th August 2006
Destination : All Ford Day

Well another “All Ford Day” has come round again and this one coincided with the “All Holden Day”. My allegiances of coarse are heavily swayed towards the blue oval.

At 6am Angelo rolled up to my house in the phaser. The old bus had not been driven since January so this was a good chance to blow the old cob webs out. Unfortunately all that sitting around did not do the car too good as the rear wheel cylinders seem to be playing up.

With the recent news of Stuarts Onyx Black Phase 3 been sold off for a record price and another Raw Orange Phase 3 recently selling for close to the $300k mark I wondered how many would show up today. As expected only 2 were present so it seems they are now diminishing from the club at a rapid rate.

There was however some very nice GT’s about. All Ford models were represented as were the various clubs. I did notice a couple of nice Falcon 500s about. One that caught my eye was an unrestored 30000 miler that was an immaculate survivor. Dave Shaw was also present with his newly acquired XT GT. Touched up with new paint the only thing missing was the stickers. Fresh with new paint the curry coupe was also present and looked a million bucks. Located in the concourse area was an immaculate squire wagon that caught my eye as well as XT Steve. It was also good to see plenty of kids activities about. Saw plenty of the usual suspects around and agreed with Blocker that a big unofficial cruise is in order. Stay tuned for this one.

As usual here are some pics of the day. We hope you enjoy them.

Paul S