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Date : 30th April 2006
Destination : The Entrance

The day started early, as I woke up at 7am got ready then off to pick up the XTGT and head over to AN racing where I was meeting Sash and Nick. Once we arrived we stopped off for fuel at the local BP then headed to Thornleigh Macca’s to meet the Falcon GT owners club. Just as we got to Macca’s the club was ready to head off so our timing was absolutely perfect.

We jumped onto the freeway where we saw some spirited driving with lots of freeway action. No double demerit points meant that the boys were very keen in blowing out the cob webs.

It was good to see some tough cars today starting with Sash in the recently restored ESP Falcon and Disco in his electric blue XY who I saw first hand how quick that car was. With approximately 90k’s of fast freeway action I would rate this run as one of the better ones.

With Nick leading the way we pulled over at Wyong to meet up with the Newcastle club. We then proceeded to The Entrance where we parked at the beach. A few snaps and a chit chat then we headed to get food at Chucky’s milkbar. After throwing down some quality burgers we decided to head off. Sash, Angelo, Nick and I fired up the Fords and started to make tracks.

With Sash and Angelo setting a cracking pace we were home in no time. Again the little Windsor ran smoothly as did all the cars on the run. Now looking forward to the next run so until then happy motoring.

Paul S