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Date : 5th January 2005
Destination : WSID

After last weeks effort we decided to take the GT out to WSID on street tyres to see what it can do. Sash and I arrived at 4:30pm and shortly after was met by Garrett. It was a very hot day with track temperatures estimated to be tipping 40 degrees. The car was scrutineered and Sash was given the nod. The aim of the day was to run an 11 second pass on street rubber.

The first pass saw the car do a 12:48 @ 118mph with excessive wheel spin. The $60 Road Champs were skating down the track like the car was on ice. The 60ft times ranged from 1.7 to 2.3. The best pass of the day was a 12.06 @ 107mph. The car started to surge at 5500rpm and the fuel pump is suspected with not coping in the high RPM range in top gear. The MPH was down considerably to last week because a clean run in top was just not happening. The hot weather also attributed to this problem.

We let the car cool down to see if we could get down the track cleanly however the clutch seemed to slip in 2nd and 3rd gears. At this stage it was time to pack up. The next outing will be in April with the Ford and Charger clubs.