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Date : 9th April 2006
Destination : Hampton Pub

The Hampton Pub run is one that I haven’t gone on yet, so I was looking forward to this one. We left home at the crack of dawn and met Angelo at his place. His newly acquired XT GT would not kick over due to a flat battery. So quickly I jumped started him and off we went to the meeting point at Glenbrook.

The drive to Glenbrook was a leisurely cruise and once we got to the meeting point we realised that we missed the convoy. So we powered on battling with the Sunday drivers and road works. We finally caught up with the club and just as I pulled up I noticed my toppie stuck in third gear. Luckily for me Tim S was kind enough to lend me his jack and I got under the car with a 9/16 spanner and freed the linkage.

We drove on to Lithgow where unfortunately a BA GT seemed to of lost a bit of water. We got to the second meeting point and Lithgow where we parked our cars. Had a chat to the usual suspects and checked out the cars. There was an assortment of the usual Falcon GT’s and vintage cars which was good to see.

We decided to take off and give the next stop at Hampton Pub a miss. A certain tough Polar White XT GT left in a puff of smoke and as always was very impressive. The person will be left nameless as this point, however claims his foot slipped. We jumped in the XT GT and when I turned into the main street I saw a few of the boys gesturing to give the XT a squirt. I obliged with a second and third drive by.

We stopped off at Macca’s had some quality burgers then headed back home. Once again this was a fantastic day out with Family and friends.

Till next time take care.
Paul S