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Date : 18th September 2005
Destination : FGTOCNSW Club Concourse

I was a little disappointed when I heard where the club concourse was going to be held this year. Last years run up to the Ford dealer at Bowral was fantastic. Nevertheless since Nick and Ang were psyched to go this year, I decided to jump in with Nick in his XA.

Nick arrived at my place at 8:30am. We had a quick coffee then headed to Ang’s place. There we met Ang and Nick Z in his newly acquired Summer Gold XA coupe. From there we headed to Roselands to meet Steve with his video camera and his immaculate yellow ochre XY. At 9:30am we left and headed to the Crown at Guilford. The drive was pretty uneventful except for Ang ripping 2nds and 3rds in the phaser.

Once we arrived we parked the XA next to Kon’s “Blue Max” and wandered around. The cars on show were waxed and polished and looked immaculate. There were some very nice XT, XW and XA’s on show. Plenty of familiar faces around and it was great to catch up and have a chat. Also most of the usual suspects were in attendance. Nick was pleased to meet one of the previous owners of his car. Helen was quick to inform Nick of some of the cars history and its impressive performance.

I also bumped into an old acquaintance Cevapi who was concerned that Avdoulos was in the process of cornering the GT parts market.

A sausage sizzle was cracking and the pub food consisting of hamburgers, pizza’s and steaks were consumed by the club members at a rapid rate.

Towards the end of the day the award winners were announced and the raffle was drawn.

Good luck to all the winners and I am looking forward to the next club run to Kangaroo Valley.

Paul S