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Date : 14th August 2005
Destination : Picton Run

Family and friends or mates and V8's? That was the decision I was trying to make in the week leading up to my birthday about who I should spend the special day with. After watching the list grow and grow of people who were keen for a run on the day my decision was becoming harder. After receiving an email from Paul with the following wise words "Birthday with big revs. Cant think of anything better" I had made up my mind - mates and V8's it was!

Bob's XB GT Coupe that has become affectionately known as the "Curry Coupe" had just undergone open heart surgery the weekend before and Bob was itching to take it out for a burn armed with its new ANGRIER Clevo. A quick call was made and the Curry Coupe Crew were up for the run.

The morning of the run came and Jeff and I headed off to Bob's place, upon arrival we heard the Coupe rumbling away in the driveway. In we jumped and we were off to Uncle Leo's and goddam the Coupe is now a whole new beast! Ever heard the saying "Curry in a Hurry". The Coupe definitely has more spice now! Upon arrival at Uncle Leo's we were greeted with a very healthy turnout that put a big smile on the dial. Pretty much everyone that said they were keen had rocked up with was really good to see.

The red army was out in force – Rip and Sash's XY's, Nick's XA and Pat's XY all looked the goods lined up. After a bit of meet and greet and a few well wishes we headed off down the highway with Paul and Steve in their XT's setting the pace. Not long later the Curry Coupe had taken the lead and we were on our way to Picton via Razor Back. But all did not go to plan as most of the convoy missed the turn off and another spanner was thrown in the works when we heard that Nick's XA had run out of fuel. Not long later the two XT's and the LOW302 crew in the very mean looking True Blue XY had caught up to us and we headed off to get some fuel for the stricken XA.

After pouring a whole 5 litre can down the carby the XA didn't kick into life. Blocker was quick to diagnose the problem – "it's a Clevo"
he stated. I left the cramped back seat of the Coupe to enter the luxurious comfort of Paul's mighty XT GT (yes im biased!) and we left the XA and headed back for more fuel.

I had seen and heard Paul's XT at All Ford Day – very impressive on both accounts but one question remained… How does it go? Paul didn't muck around and was giving the XT bootful and the lill AN Racing tweaked 302 Windsor was up to task. The toploader wasn't arguing with the instructions Paul was belting into it! Still armed with its 3.0's it still gave the green machine of Steve's a run for its money. I was very impressed. Will have to go for another run when the 3.5's go in Paul! The lill Windsor ran hard but was unable to play with the big boys - Sash, Rip and Adam.

Finally we arrived at the pub at Picton with all the GT's glistening away in the beautiful weather. It was time to catch up with the mates and grab a feed. Paul had headed off to rescue Nick's XA in the meantime. Stories were shared and beer was drunk.

After a while Nick and Paul had arrived which was good to see. After more chewing the fat with the fellahs it was time to go for the Coupe.
Bob and Jeff both had curfews in place and had to leave early. What was I to do? Hang around or head back in the Curry Coupe? Another hard decision but in the end I convinced myself to head back with the brothers to the big smoke. I was wondering to myself if I was missing out on a different type of "big smoke" back down in Picton where mid-road bushfires have previously been known to occur. The rest of the day was spent with the family and friends so what more could I have asked for? It was a top day out surrounded by people and machines which I love.

Family and friends – mates and V8's - and the Wolfpac – God bless em!

Yours in Fords Sundeep.