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Date : 31st July 2005
Destination : All Ford Day

After toiling away on Paulís XTGT and Angeloís GTHO Phase 3 the big event finally arrived. At 6:30am I heard a sweet thundering of that distinct V8 music. Paul and Angelo had arrived. I jumped in with Angelo in the Phase 3 and we headed to Shell Kingsgrove to pick up Chris.

Chris jumped in with Paul and we proceeded to the M5. Once we entered the Motorway Angelo shaped up to the little Windsor. Paul didnít need much prompting and was keen to take his chances against the Bathurst legend. A quick squirt in 2nd, 3rd and 4th demonstrated that the little 302 was running sweetly.

We arrived at the club meeting point where all the GTís were arranged in colour formation with the silver cars leading the way. Off to gate C we went and were guided through to our position. The cars were lined up and off we went to check out the stalls.

Famous personalities were present which included some of the past and current Bathurst touring car drivers. Paul walked up to a former touring car great and asked to get a picture signed. He refused to sign the picture because it was not purchased from his stand. Furthermore his abrupt demeanour surprised the few fans that were present.

We proceeded to checkout the complete range of Fords which included Falcon GTís, Falcon GSís, Mustang Shelbys, and Ford Thunderbirds. Even the oldies brought out their vintage Fords and utilities straight from the 1920ís. A sprinkling of hard core race vehicles were also on display. Plenty of people filtering through the cars and stands purchasing memorabilia and catching up with old friends. I for one met up with a few old school buddies who surprised me by owning some real nice XA coupes.

My sister approached Allan Moffat and asked if it would be okay to take a photo with my niece Julia. Little Julia then started to talk about his racing history, cars, and colours which instantly impressed him. He then invited Julia under his arm for an instant photo. Julia was stoked.

I purchased a couple of old race photos and asked Leo Geoghean to sign them. Being a complete gentleman he obliged. I missed out on Johnny Goss but will make an effort to get his scribble next year.

It was a fine day with perfect sunshine and awesome to see the GT fraternity out with their families and cars.

The only snag of the day was to see the toppie let go on the little Windsor. It looks like 3rd gear has met the maker.

Keepíem revving Nick.