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Date : 25th April 2005
Destination : Anzac Day Super Cruise

We avoided Roselands car park this year and met Rip, Sash, Nick and all the boys at the Metro servo in South Hurstville. As we sat back and watched the hot cars go by we saw law enforcement out in force so giving your car a squirt this year was not only going to test nerves but jeopardise your drivers license. Any speeding this year was going to casue you to shit twice as hard.

We headed off at approximately 10:30am and headed down south. A few squirts here and there with the 2 mustangs was very exciting. There were some heavy hitters in attendance with some serious engines. Cars ranged from mild streeters to wild machines with blowers hanging out of the bonnet. Tony's fastback and Olivers blown mustang looked and sounded awesome.

At one stage we pulled over the freeway as one Falcon GT in attendance was running hot due to the owner giving it some stick. Whilst we inspected the car a Ferrari started smoking the back tyres past us for around 30 meters. A very brave man in my opinion.

Apart from that there were plenty of people taking it very easy. We even saw a motocycle highway patrol ride out of a bush and pull over a rice burner. I have never seen so many highway patrols with plenty of cars been pulled over all day long. I recall seeing a Subaru WRX pulled over with a police officer crawling underneath and inspecting the vehicle.

We arrived at the car park where we saw plenty of cars and people snapping photos. There were plenty of Falcon GT's and 2 yellow Ferrari's that looked the goods. The trip home was pretty boring. We cruised at the legal speed limit and sighting more police officers along the way.

Till next time happy cruising.