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Date : 24th April 2005
Destination : Wollombi Pub

We left home at around 8:30am and headed to the meeting point at Thornleigh Macca’s. There were approx 40 Falcon GT’s. After a quick briefing regarding route we headed down the freeway to Wollombi.

Plenty of weaving roads making it a great drive through the country side. When we arrived we parked in the car park where we met up with the Newcastle GT club. In attendance were some heavy hitters such as Blocker and a few alloy headed Clevo’s.

After having some great pub food and a few drinks we chatted away and checked out the GT’s. Tried to convince Dave Shaw that an 11 second quarter mile pass was not possible with 3.0 rear end however he seems keen in proving everyone wrong. The best car on the run was Ross’s New England Green XB sedan.

Once the raffle was drawn we headed off. Another great run that was well organised.