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Model  : 1970 XW Falcon GT
Owner : John Grigorakis "The Fox"

I remember at the age of 14 walking up to a car it grabbed my eye from a long way away. It had stripes big mag wheels and really stood out. I walked up to the window to look inside it. I noticed a sticker on the glove box that read over 100 MPH close sunroof. How fast will this car go. I just had to have one. It was a Falcon GT.

So I started working after school,weekends and the age of 17 I bought my first GT it was a black XW with white interior. I have been stuck ever since. All up I have owned 12 Falcons ranging from Fairmont's to GS to GT.

My current cars are a Silver Fox XW Manual that I purchased from outside Newcastle.
A black BA GT-P Manual that I purchased new from Peter Warren. Here I am 40 years of age still working hard and very long hours so that I can enjoy my family and my only hobby.

The Fox has been set up for circuit work, I am a member of the Bathurst Light Car Club and I compete on Hillclimbs, supersprints and the Flying fifth events and put around Eastern creek, Oran and Wakefield. It also does a run at the drags from time to time and it runs in the 12s on street tires. A very good all-round vehicle that is street driven.

My BA is a daily driver that have used at the drags, laps around eastern creek and the Flying 5th. As you can see I use my cars as much as I can and thoughroughly enjoy them. It keeps me working hard, it keeps me in the garage close to my family, so my life is my family and my cars.

Cheers Fox.