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Date : 26th January 2006
Destination : Ford V Holden

The Australia day Ford V Holden came around and we decided to take Oliver’s 66 fastback mustang to WSID and see what it can run. The object was to run a solid 10 second pass then get kicked out. The car was entered in Super Street which had a bracket of 11 – 13 second range. Track temperatures were over a 100 so we were expecting the heat to knock the car around.

The first pass of the day we saw the car run a low 11 second pass with some wheel spin and fuel surging at half track. The car was then tweaked and the second run saw the little mustang go 11.03@121mph. This meant that the mustang was top qualifier in super street so the boys now shifted focus on winning the class.

We saw consistent 11.0 second passes with the driver backing off at the 1000ft mark. Since we were going rounds we were confident that if we had no issues were would have a good chance of winning the class.

We were called to the staging lanes for the semi finals and we found that the car would not kick over. We opened the bonnet and found no fan belt and a good dose of steam. Our night was over in a flash with all the boys disappointed. But as they say “That’s Drag Racing”.

The day was excellent with some very fast cars in attendance. A couple of Pro Stock cars and Supercharged outlaws putting on an awesome show.

As for the little Mustang? It lives to fight another day.