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Model  : Various Fords
Owner : Ellis French

Iím 60 something going on 35 years old and have lived in Tasmania all my life. In 1960ís had Miniís, Mini Coopers and Cooper Sís and survived but only just. In mid 60ís had several Holdens, a Valiant and mucked about with preparation of racing FX Holdens and driving Go Karts. Then a new HK GTS Monaro was purchased when they came out in 1968. Looked at GT Falcons but they were too expensive. The Monaro was $3354 on the road and a GT was $4000+. Doesnít look much difference but it was then. In 1970 I got a 6 Cyl XW Fairmont and that started the Blue Oval stuff. I went to Bathurst that year to see Moffat win in the Phase 2. For the next decade or so family became priority one with cars a distant second.

In about 1994 I sought out and purchased a local (Tas) XW GTHO Ph1 (Windsor) and used it weekends and fine RDOís to do a few Tassie Targa stages and keep the reflexes sharp. One thing led to another and by about 2001 a new shed had been built which housed 5 GTís and a few motor bikes. It also gave me a lot less lawn to mow and more time to drive. Now included in the GTís were an XR, another Windsor HO , an XB and a Ph3 and the shed was cosy rather than roomy. In late 2003 the decision was made to get a Ph2 so that there would be a 1,2 and 3. The original Windsor HO was sold to a Ford fanatic in NZ and the XB moved along the coast but still in Tas. After a prolonged search a decent and reasonably priced (an ounce of hindsight would have been handy) Ph2 couldnít be located so I went in search of a Boss 302 Mustang in the USA. I had half heartedly searched for one there for about 2 years previously but on inspection each turned out to be unsuitable. By chance I found what I was looking for in Newcastle and went by plane there and drove the Boss 302 home via the ferry to Tas in mid 2004.

Car History is as follows.
8/69 XW Windsor HO1. Starlight Blue (Now NZ). Car was purchased new in Tas and had 4 previous owners. One of them had it for 20+ years. It had been repainted and fitted with a shaker in mid 1980ís but its history was known. It still has original engine and running gear etc.

A GT Gold 1/68 XR GT. Purchased new in Tas and had about 5 owners 3 of whom I know including the original owner.

Sandstone Beige/Walnut Glo 11/75 XB GT (Sold) Tas car, 4 owners, very straight and original car with matching numbers and 90,000kms.

12/69 XW Windsor HO in Starlight Blue. Purchased new in Tas and delivered on Xmas day 1969. One previous owner who happens to be a lady who is a renowned petrol head. Unrestored and all original gear. Car has done 62000 miles.

5/71 XY GTHO. Electric Blue and purchased new in Qld and first Ph3 to be registered in that state. 2 previous owners. Unrestored with matching numbers and original engine. Car has done 67000 miles. Took almost 4 years of searching to find this car.

A 70 Boss 302 Grabber Orange. Came to Australia in mid 80ís with 34000 miles and in 2004 had 38000 miles. It now has 39500 miles. Its was repainted when it came to Australia in mid 80ís. It is a matching numbers car still with its original Boss engine.

29 Ford A Model Tourer. 2 previous owners and with 56000 genuine miles. Been repainted and new roof but not restored. Original engine and gearbox still in situ.

I miss the HO I sold to NZ as it was used frequently and in hindsight I wish I still had it as it was a good driver for Club runs and a few serious Targa stages. I do use the others quite often but am a little more restrained in the Ph3 and Boss. The XR has been pressed into Targa stage practice and while nice to drive, its not quite the same as the HO1. I really prefer the sweetness of the Windsor engines but man the P3 is fun and I enjoy its power and acceleration.

Ambitions yet to be fulfilled.

  • I just hope I can still drive some of them for the next 20 years. Iíve been talking to the man upstairs but I think time is running out.
  • Like to drive a F40 Ferrari. Just round the block will do.
  • Like to get a Ph2.
  • Like to get a Boss 429 or any early Shelby Mustang.