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Model  : 1971 XY Falcon GT
Owner : Sash Ninovic

Sash Ninovic from AN Racing has been tinkering with high performance Falcon GT’s for over half his life. At the age of 16 Sash was walking through Rockdale and spotted this vermillion fire XY GT. After checking the car out and talking to the owner the car was purchased.

Sash has owned this vehicle since 1990 and during this time its seen a lot of street and strip use. The car was taken off the road in 1996 for a full restoration. Nick Sutic painted the car in vermillion fire acrylic. The trim was taken to Louis from Master Auto trim who did all the work in factory patterned white vinyl.

Whilst the painting was taking place the mild street and strip engine received a refresh as did the top loader gearbox and differential. This engine was never dyno tuned but was estimated to make approximately 430hp. This combination was taken once to the race track on street rubber and ran with excessive wheel spin a 12.90 @ 108mph.

In 2004 this engine was removed and sold to an older gentleman who was planning to install the engine into an old Ford 1932 hotrod.

This made way for the new street engine that was going to produce more grunt. The only requirement that Sash had was to run pumped fuel. A late model Windsor block was purchased. A whole heap of performance parts was purchased for this new combination. The engine has the following specifications;

• 393 scat steel crank.
• Scat steel conrods.
• Arias forged pistons 10.5.1 comp.
• Edelbrock victor junior alloy heads.
• Edelbrock victor junior intake manifold.
• Holley 950 double pumper.
• Yellaterra shaft rockers.
• Custom solid cam.
• MSD ignition.
• CVR electric water pump.
• Custom headers and exhaust system courtesy of Best Mufflers.

This combination was chassis dyno tuned at RPM motosport which made 387hp at the rear wheels but was later dyno tuned with different mufflers courteously of Chris from Best Mufflers in Carlton. The engine now produced 393hp off the bat. The 750 holley was replaced by a 950 holley and the engine responded by picking up 10 extra horsepower across the run, but fell over at 5500rpm. At this stage the fuel pump is suspected of not coping in this higher rpm range. The car will be dyno tuned again with a new fuel pump.

The car was recently raced at WSID with street slicks, 3.70 rear end and full exhaust system. Sash found it difficult getting the car off the line with plenty of wheel spin as the 60ft time indicates. Nevertheless the car still managed to run a respectable 11.53 @ 119.5mph.

Sash is now in the process of building this combination for another 2 customers. If you are interesting in building this package contact Sash on
0408 401 255.

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