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Model  : 1966 Mustang Shelby GT350
Owner : Rohan Quirey

I purchased this GT350 out of Tennessee, in the USA. It had been owned by the current owner since 2001 when he bought it from the estate of the owner who had owned it since 1971.

The car was in need of a complete restoration as it had sat in a shed since 1977. The owner was well known as he had a collection of over 100 collectable cars including Shelbys, big block Mustangs, and even Hemi Cuda's. He was an eccentric who was always "one day going to restore the cars". He had cars in other peoples garages. Some didn’t get garages, they sat out in his property in the open air. Mine car was lucky in that it at least received a shed to sit in!

The car was parked in 1977 and was left untouched with 41,000 miles. The positive side to that is it was 100% complete and had all of the correct Shelby parts, and is a matching numbers motor, heads, distributor, correct date coded Shelby inlet manifold and sump, radiator. Having an original block is rare for an early 65 or 66 Shelby as they redline at 7000 rpm and many blew engines over the years.
The downside is that it needed a full ground up restoration as it is fair to say that it was not cared for in those 25 years.

It was a full ground up resto over approximately 3 years. The body and paint work was completed by a person in Tennessee who was known to be one of the best. He previously restored a very well known Shelby (6S051) which was the first 66 to receive a factory Paxton Supercharger that has won previous awards at the annual Shelby Conventions.

The car has been correctly restored to original except for the upgrade of a T5 5 speed transmission (original transmission and parts came with the car) and a correct reproduction 1965 Shelby side exit exhaust. You certainly need the 5th gear to quieten things down at 60+ mph with the side exit exhausts!

Number #263 is a very early build number and received many of the hand built modifications that were done to the 1965 Shelbys that were eventually phased out in early 1966 due to time, and budget constraints such as;

• lowered front control arms
• traction over ride bars that needed the rails and floors to be cut with the traction bars were bolted to the floor pan beside the rear seat (see picture)
• Axel limitating cables
• optioned with 1965 Shelby Cragar Wheels
• no hood latch

The owner kept paperwork of the car including the original sales invoice, and the 1971 title confirming mileage when purchased. The 2001 title and also the 2006 title came with the car.

The 1965 & 1966 Shelby's were designed and built at Shelbys own factory for homologation purposes and won the 1966 & 1967 SCCA Championships in the USA. It is a very raw car to drive but the adrenalin pumps when I go down and lift the cover off to take if for a run!