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Model  : 1968 XT Falcon GT
Owner : Dave Shaw

The XT was purchased earlier this year, I wasn't even looking at purchasing another car as I have way to many. I was working on a customers car when I walked over to the computer went onto the Trading post website in which I hadn't looked at for at least 12 months & typed in XT GT. To my suprise there was a XT GT advertised dirt cheap on there & quite close to my location. I rang the number thinking the car already would've been sold & left a message on the guy's phone thinking I will never hear back from him.

My Phone rang about 10 minutes later & the guy said he still had the car & it was closer to me than its advertised location. Packed up what I was doing & jumped in my car for the quick 5 minute drive. Checked the car over thinking this car is so Molestered but hey I can fix it & its the right price, so I gave the guy a deposit & picked it up a few days later.

The car Won the 1995 Kidney Kar Rally & was used between 92 & 96 in the Rally Bashes. It is currently running a 302w, solid cam with Roller Rockers, 4 barrel alloy intake with a 600 Holley (don't know any other engine specs). It also runs a 4 spd top loader (Factory Auto) & 9 inch with 3.5:1 LSD. It has a 36 gallon fuel tank, 3 Race seats, full roll cage & Yokohama Super Digger tyres all round.

I repainted the car as it was slightly multi coloured & when I pulled all the bash stickers off it some of the paint came off too. I'm not sure of my intentions with the car so I'll enjoy it the way it is now & see what happens in the future.