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Model  : 1971 XY Falcon GT
Owner : Rip Viropoulos

After owning and modifying a number of early model Falcons I decided that I was tired of fixing other peoples imperfections and wanted to do it right from scratch, so my hunt began.

In December 2002 I found a suitable donor car by way of an Ultra White 302 Windsor, column-shift auto 1971 XY Fairmont.

The car had been garaged and unregistered for a number of years and was completely suitable for what I had in mind. The previous owner used this car for towing his collection of vintage cars and bikes. At the ripe old age of 71 he decided to liquidate his assets and put his feet up. He could not be bargained with on this purchase, but it was worth the premium as the entire car was in immaculate condition.

Upon collection from Northern NSW to my garage where it would spend the next 12 months receiving the ground up treatment, it was clear just how good a donor car I had found.

Although 99% of the car as you see it today is new or fully refurbished, parts like the tail-light lenses, chrome work and interior components have been untouched since the car left the factory, and are immaculate. No new panels were added to this project and everything that came off it went back on. The car was completely stripped and sand-blasted; again this revealed how good a car I had bought showing no signs of accident damage and the car requiring no major rust repairs.

While the car was in this state every single component was carefully stripped, cleaned or sand-blasted then either zinc-dychromium plated or powder coated. There was no expense spared in this department. Everything had to go back onto the car new or completely refurbished, no exceptions.

Many of the specialty parts I had collected over the years while many others where painstaking found through searching various specialists.

Not being trade person but with many years of experience and continued hours of researching and experimentation as well as attending shows and seeking the advice from others who have gone down the same path, the car started going back together with attention to detail.

The finished product is what you see before you. Special parts of interest that would not be identifiable from these pictures include the correct date matching pair low and high horns as well as the stainless mesh covered spotlight covers. These are the correct part numbered Ford items, not the Motorcraft supplied replacement items.

The car was assembled to my taste and quality, hence the feature of stainless fasteners throughout for a clean and modern look which retains the classic features of this revered model.

Being a self-confessed lead foot, the engine package had to feature highly and again this was built in my garage with the help of my good friend and legendary engine builder, Sash Ninovic. This resulted in a unique and well-sorted 372 Windsor. The camshaft was purchased from an American performance engine specialist, and the brief for the engine assembly was lots of go and show.

The final result is a car that has received and still receives many compliments on any of its frequent outings and gives me immense satisfaction and spirited driving.

Many Thanks

Rip Viropoulos