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Model  : 1973 XB Falcon GT
Owner : Mark Beutel

I was about 6 or 7 years old when I saw my first GT. A family friend`s son bought a gold XT GT and his father was so impressed, he went out a couple weeks later and bought himself a white one.

Every Sunday from then on, they would park the GT`s side by side in the Church yard and all us little kids would wait for he and his father to start them up and roar away down the country road.

I knew then, that one day, I too would own a GT, little did I know it would be a long wait. I grew up through the heady GT, Torana, Monaro and "Hey Charger" days, onto the Cobras and ESP`s, all great cars with a mystery and magic about each one. Then there were the Panel Van days as well with all the Customised Vans getting around, alas, still too young to drive.

I guess it was all the chrome on those early XT GT`s but I always loved the chrome look especially with bumper over riders. I was never much a a fan of the "look" of the XB GT with the body colored bumpers, and didn`t seriously ever go looking for one. I was happy with XA GT`s as they looked modern yet tough.

Then one day, a friend sent me a picture of his "latest" find, a red pepper XB GT loaded with options...and it had chrome bumpers and over riders. I was hooked, I knew then if I ever owned an XB, it had to also have chrome bumpers.

Anyway, after a short while, the then owner decided to let it go and I couldn`t get it home fast enough. The car was a 12/73 stamped 03/74 plated XB GT sedan, a one owner until mid 2002. It then quickly passed through a couple owners until I purchased it.

The car was in original condition from it`s first owner except for some extra decals, badges and pinstripes, all removed by the time I got the car. Since then, all it has needed was a full detail including cleaning off all the grime and fish oil in and around the engine bay. Once that was done, apart from a little missing red paint here and then under the fish oil, the car was as original as you would find for a similar car with just over 100,000 miles on it. It still smells like new inside. The seats and interior are untouched. The exterior paint is in quite good condition. There are a number of original factory markings and tags in various places under the car and in the engine bay. And the list of options is also impressive.

Red Pepper
W2 trim
Mandatory Seat Belts
Protection Pack
Power Steering
Laminated Windscreen
Black Vinyl Roof
Air Con
Power Steering
Color Keyed Tu-Tone Bonnet
Styled LH Rear vision mirror
Retractable Front Seat Belts
Radio/Stereo Cassette
Front Spoiler
Rear Spoiler (never fitted but marked in pencil in the boot where the mounting holes were to be drilled)
Remote Boot Release
Locking Fuel Cap
Ford Mudflaps
XY GT Steering Wheel from Factory

The car starts, runs and drives like a new car and hopefully will be with our family for many years to come. Now, if I can only find an XB GT coupe with chrome bumpers and overriders like the Burnt Orange McLeod`s Horn XB GT coupe I have seen with lots of chrome..!!