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Model  : 1971 XY Falcon GT
Owner : Sash Ninovic

After a recent business trip to the 2005 SEMA show AN Racing was intrigued by the use of forced induction. This prompted him to make enquires to various suppliers to see how he can apply this technology back home.

So a challenge was undertaken to achieve the following;

Make abundant power
Run on pump fuel
Be reliable and streetable
Low on maintenance
Minimum modification to the vehicle

Sash thought about the combo he was about to embark upon and ordered the parts from the contacts he made. As reliability was a primary concern the foundation for this engine was a strong aftermarket block capable of 1000+ hp. Along with all the usual bullet proof parts like steel crank, steel connecting rods, forged pistons etc etc.

As the engine build was the usual straight forward process, most of the time was spent on the fitment of the supercharger, intercooler installation, necessary pipe work and other minor modifications to the vehicle.

After several dry runs, the engine was built and installed over a weekend. The engine was kicked over then taken to Dart Automotive for a run on the dyno. The primary purpose of this was to run in the engine and ensure that the tune was right. After initial dyno testing it was confirmed that the standard 750DP holley carby would required jetting and some minor modifications. A safe tune was derived and the final result was an impressive 694rwhp@6500rpm on only 8PSI. This combination is capable of 16PSI safely on pump fuel which would make over 1000rwhp.

It was decided to leave the boost at 8PSI to give the standard toppie and 5 slots a chance. After test driving the Falcon the drivability has not been compromised and the power is phenomenal.

By the time this project was finished no less than 3 orders have been placed with AN Racing for similar forced induction engines.


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