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Model  : 1971 XY Falcon GT
Owner : Arthur Adamopoulos

Today marks 11 weeks that have passed when Sash from AN Racing undertook the restoration of a XY Fairmont and turned it into a classic Falcon GT replica. From day 1 Sash had developed a program that would transform this plain looking vehicle to an all out muscle car that would be treated with respect. During the restoration phase the following work was executed.

• Installation of a new 393 Windsor 550hp engine
• Installation of a top loader gearbox
• Installation of a Hurst Indy shifter with AN Racing conversion kit
• Installation of a new 9 inch Detroit locker diff with 31 spline axles
• New bare metal respray in 2 pack Track Red
• Installation of a wind-back sunroof
• Complete new interior
• New wheels and tyres
• New suspension (shocks, sway bars, rubbers and bushings).
• New custom exhaust system

As with all things small delays were experienced, but this did not stop the boys at AN Racing. Due to Sash’s pedantic nature the stripe had to be re-applied due to a small margin of error. And we are talking about millimetres here. Dennis from Xcel Signs was engaged to replace the stripe. Dennis aligned the stripe perfectly to the contours of the XY.

Sash used his usual contacts but due to a heavy work load Nick was not available on this one. However Nick was called upon to do the final detail on the car. This included a full on buff and polish. The car looks a million dollars.

I can attest that the final result is awesome. Driving the vehicle to the RTA today we were met with plenty of thumbs up. Arthur is absolutely stoked with the result. He now has a 70s muscle car with plenty of go. The car will now live next to his dads immaculate low mileage VK group A SS.

Sash has dedicated his time, energy and expertise to transform this vehicle into what you see today. The plan for this car is to attend plenty of weekend cruising with the boys so it is more than likely that you will see it with the Wolfpac brigade.

To see the build progress of this vehicle please click here.