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Model  : 1971 XY Falcon GT HO Phase 3
Owner : Rohan Quirey

I've owned this Phase 3 since October 2004. At the time of purchase I already owned an Ultra White, Black Trim Phase 3 but the opportunity to buy such a genuine low mileage car was too good to resist - even if it was another white car. I've known for sometime that there was a very low mileage Ultra White Phase 3 in Perth and it was ironic when the opportunity came up.

At the time I purchased it the car had done 22,900 miles. For such a low mileage car it had 6 previous owners but the full owner history was known as was the mileage at each changeover and the purchase price (since the 3rd owner). The car spent from 1988 till 2004 in Perth and had 4 owners during this time. The 2nd owner lived in Bathurst (how fitting) and owned it from 1978-1988, and was bought new by a Doctor at Rural Motors in Orange NSW in June 1971.

Being one of the first 50 made it came with a close ratio lop loader, 3.50 diff gears, and 31 spline axels. Factory options were laminated windscreen, left hand mirror, and delete exterior wax. The 8 track player was a dealer fitted option and works perfectly. It still has many of its consumable items such as Autolite plug leads, radiator and heater hoses, fan belt, rear brake shoes, front brake pads, paper tag on diff.

Its now done 26,500 miles. 2,500 of those miles were done for the round trip to the GT Nationals at Ballarat it took out Best Unrestored Phase 3 and Best Unrestored Car - overall. I believe these cars are meant to be driven so there was no way I was going to have it transported from Qld. For the trip I removed the original heater and radiator hoses, and made sure it was 100% mechanically right, and took along plenty of spare parts. It didnt miss a beat and there is some good stories to tell about the trip....