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Model  : 1973 XA Falcon GT & A9X Torana
Owner : Rod

Canít quite decide if Blue Oval or GMH has priority so have foot in each camp. I just like muscle cars of all types.

Have had quite a selection of cars over the years including a GTR Torana, XU1 Toranaís, XY GT Falcon, L34 Torana and a XA Coupe.

Currently I own the following vehicles.

A9X Hatch HDT Promotional Car. The A9X Hatch is a genuine car with approx 45000 kms on the speedo. It is one of 2 remaining of 3 promotional cars built and used by the HDT when the cars were current and being raced. It still has original paint and has its full original aluminum roll cage. The cars were sent ahead of race teams and displayed prior to race meetings around Australia at GMH outlets or Service Stations advertising the product and pending race meetings. They were also used as transport by team members when at race venues.

The Falcon XA GT 4 door sedan is fully restored from an extremely straight and rust free original car. Very original car when purchased it was fully restored over 12 month period.

Itís has a matching numbers D block, 4V heads, 4 speed toploader, 9 inch diff with 3.25 gears, factory sunroof and 72 cast 15x7 globe wheels. The engine produces 350+ hp. It now has 90000 miles. I have owned the car for 4 years now.