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Model  : 1970 XW Falcon GT
Owner : Paul Spyrou

At the age of 16 I bought my first car. Strangely enough it was a Mazda RX3 coupe. The fact that no one knew the potential of Mazda Rotaries and that many of my mates thought they were 4 cylinder shopping trolleys really attracted me to them. I remember having plenty of school yard arguments with the die hard Ford and Holden fans. After seeing the potential of these Mazda’s many of my mates ended up buying one themselves.

It took me 1 year to rebuild that car and it was featured in Fast 4’s and Rotaries magazine. The car was shortly sold after that with other priorities taking place.

Some years later I was toying with the idea of buying a muscle car. This time it had to be a Ford. So after consulting with my brother in law Nick Sutic the hunt for a Ford Falcon GT started. Shortly after that I recall Nick coming over to my house and saying “hey I found the perfect XW GT for you”. 

So off like a speeding bullet Nick, Sash and I rushed over to view the Falcon. After checking the car and validating that all the numbers match including the engine block, some cash traded hands and the GT was taken home.

With the help of Nick and Sash we began to partially strip the car. Just before we stated work Sash said take it for one last spin. I remember dropping the clutch at 5000RPM and the original
cooks river tyres struggled to break traction. Sash started spinning the spanners and within 1 hour the engine was removed from the vehicle. Every nut and bolt was also removed from the engine bay

My brother in law Nick Sutic who is well known in the Auto Restoration trade and is a gun painter was not totally happy with the paint so we decided to flow coat the whole car in the original Track Red paint using 2 pak PPG. The engine bay was also resprayed. The result is totally awesome.

Once the paint was done and with the help of Sash from AN Racing the next phase was to rebuild the original 351 4V Cleveland engine. The 351 donk was fully re-built by Sash. The block was privy to a deck, bore and hone. The CP forged pistons, Eagle steel rods, Crank and spinning parts were balanced and blueprinted. The 4V heads were sent to Phantom cylinder heads for some porting and polishing. The standard manifold was retained and as was the Autolite dizzy. A phase 2 HO carby was also sourced.
We also sourced orginal type bits such as hoses, clamps, clips and nuts. The original interior was in excellent condition so no work needed to be done.

The final piece of the puzzle was to go over all mechanical bits such as brakes, suspension and steering. The 9 inch diff was rebuilt with genuine Ford 3.7 gears, 31 spline billet axles were also installed for piece of mind. A rebuilt radiator and Michellin tyres with red walls completes the rebuild.