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Model  : 1975 XB Falcon GT
Owner : Adam Poliopoulos

Adam purchased this beautiful machine from a fastidious owner in Melbourne. The car had recently undergone a complete restoration by the previous owner. Everything from the paint to trim and the original engine had been rebuilt. This car also has some very nice factory options such as genuine 15x7 bathurst globes and sunroof.

The car also came with log books and full history which is rare with these cars.

Adam enjoyed driving the car however he found the standard GT performance lacking and was very eager to step it up. He has been riding Japanese motorcycles in the past and knows what speed is all about.

He engaged Sash from AN Racing to build him a reliable package and something that was going to have some punch. Sash knew the combination that was going to meet Adams requirements as he had done this type of thing many times over. The specifications of the car are as follows;

• 377 stroked crank.
• Scat steel conrods.
• Arias forged pistons 11.1 comp.
• CHI heads.
• CHI intake manifold.
• Holley 950 double pumper.
• Crower rockers.
• Custom solid cam.
• MSD distributor and ignition.
• Custom headers and exhaust system.

Now Adam is now looking forward to cruising this beast with all the other Falcon GT’s.