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  Wolfpac currently receives more than 200000 hits per month and we serve up to 5.1GB per month in web traffic. This indictes that our site is heavily hit with car enthusiats.

Your company’s banner or ad can be placed on every page of our site. This means maximum exposure to you as every visitor to wolfpac.com.au will see your ad.

Our prices are low compared to other advertising mediums. Take the following example.

Say you were to get some 1000 flyers printed and had to pay someone to hand them out, it would cost you a lot more than advertising with us. Exposure on wolfpac.com.au will be a lot more effective than 1000 flyers. Everyday you will get thousands of people viewing your ad and the exposure won’t be limited as flyers. You business will also have national and even international exposure. On top of that a flyer can’t make someone quickly access your site. Your ad can have a link to your website so all people need to do is just click on the your ad to access your website or information.

For any more quieries please contact us.