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Wolfpac.com.au is now a dedicated muscle car site detailing street machines and vintage cars.

We have found that plenty of enthusiasts regularly access our site to keep up to date with newly unleashed street machines and events. We are passionate about old muscle cars and have traveled to many runs and events putting together this portfolio.

We are proud to bring to you the progress stories of various car builds as well as peoples new acquisitions. We also report on runs, events and activities that take place around the country.

We are also listing reputable sponsors who we trust and recommend. We have used these people ourselves so we have first hand experience with the services they offer. These sponsors are also responsible in making it possible for us to bring this site to you.

Wolfpac.com.au are avid campaigners when it comes to safe driving. We encourage all drivers to drive within their limits and avoid unnecessary risks. We have found people driving old classic cars are always vigilant and role models to other drivers. We do not condone or support illegal street racing or any other illegal activity.

Wolfpac.com.au encourages people with muscle cars to join car clubs however we are not affiliated with any clubs.

Take a look around our site and if you have any comments please contact us.